Welcome to Little Mount Public School?

Little Mount Public School, Gorakhpur started its first academic session in April, 2012. LMPS Gorakhpur believes in providing holistic development to the children by creating a supportive environment to stimulate their natural curiosity and desire to learn.

The school curriculum incorporates intensive activities, which concentration and stimulate spirit of oneness.

LMPS Gorakhpur is the platform for excellent quality education where we are invest in children and enrich them by providing opportunities to unfold them innate potential and to develop the child into responsible and dutiful citizens, who can contribute positively to the needs of the society and at the same time be adaptable and dynamic.

Little Mount Public School is committed to fostering excellence in education. We firmly believe that teaching is not about knowledge downloads, but opening the minds of young learners. We guide them towards learning, comprehensively focussing on the overall development of each student.

Little Mount Public School


Mrs. Sarasika Mishra

Little Mount Public School


Mr. Arvind Kumar Mishra

Dignity Name
School Founder Lt. Satyanarayan Mishra
School Chairman Mr. Arvind Mishra
School Director Mrs. Sarasika Mishra
School Secretary Sri. Vikrmajit Mishra (Lectuare of History)
School Advisor Sri Jagdish Mishraji (Inspector in Communication in B.S.F)
School Principal Mr. Satish Kumar Chaubey
Little Mount Public School
Our Vision

Some people follow a path they choose on their own. They discover their true calling. They chase their dreams with passion, and excel in their chosen discipline. But, best of all, they become what they want to be. Little Mount is the school for such people.

It is our belief that a teacher's influence is for eternity. Our teachers, therefore, identify the interests and aspirations of students and, working closely with their parents, nourish their individual talents.

Our faculty, by focusing on life skills and methodology, brings out the best in our students. We believe that every child is exceptional and has the potential to evolve into a dynamic person and fulfill his/her aspirations.

Little Mount Public School

Infrastructure & Facilities